Refund and Return Policy

All products are guaranteed to function as designed for a minimum of 6 months after the date of purchase, so long as they have not been modified in any way or damaged by either the customer or any device(s) to which they have been connected.

If you believe your fully assembled product is defective, please E-Mail If a defective product is suspected:

  1. You the buyer will be asked to pay return shipping for the defective product.
  2. Once received, I will confirm the product is defective and for what reason.
  3. If the defect is determined to be not caused by either the customer’s actions or the device(s) to which the product have been connected, then
    • If possible, I will repair your original product and ship it to you, free of charge.
    • If repair is not possible, I will ship you, free of charge, a fully working replacement product.
  4. If the defect is determined to be caused by customer action, the customer may choose to purchase a replacement product, or have the original product returned to them at their own expense
  5. If the defect is determined to be caused by any device(s) to which it has been connected
    • For damage to or permanent malfunction of the product caused by the customers device(s), the same policy applies as if it were caused by customer action
    • For malfunction of the device that is resolvable by using it with any device(s) other than the customer’s device(s), the customer may have the device returned at their own expense.


I reserve the right to make exceptions in the customer’s favor at any time.