*DIY KIT* BlueSCSI – Desktop 1.1A


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This diy kit is the Desktop version, SD slot pre-soldered. The tricky part is already done! Just finish the through hole assembly and solder as per the guide. Afterwards just plug it in, write a file to a SD card and boot your Vintage Mac!

  • 3D printed mount for internal trays
  • BlueSCSI decal (transparent backing)
  • Instruction sheet
  • Anti-static bag

BlueSCSI provides a convenient way to use MicroSD cards hard drives in your Vintage Macintosh! It also comes as a Fully assembled solution!

Simple Design – Place a file on an SD card and go. Nothing to configure or setup.

Power Options – In most cases it is powered directly from the SCSI bus. If your bus can’t supply enough power it provides a berg power connector or via USB.

Performance – Up to 1024KB/sec Read, 912KB/sec write.

Compatibility – Most Macintosh machines that use SCSI – Check out the Wiki page at https://github.com/erichelgeson/BlueSCSI/wiki/Supported-Systems for a full list

Usually ships within a business day or two.  Ships to CAN & US.

Please note regarding ST chips: Due to the global chip shortage, most of the Bluepill’s that are sent out will be clones and not genuine ST chips.  They may be marked as ST but fake, they may be marked as CHK or HDM or something else.  They are still 100% compatible and supported by BlueSCSI, all are tested and benchmarked on a vintage Macintosh before being sent out, and all carry the same 14 day DOA return window.

More info on clone compatibility with the BlueSCSI here: https://github.com/erichelgeson/BlueSCSI/wiki/BluePill-(STM32)-Compatibility-(Clones-Fakes)

Support and store inquiries? Email me! RModelM@Gmail.com

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